Airbnb - 3 bedroom

Airbnb - 3 bedroom

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•Locate a unit that allows Short Term Rental and apply in your business name.

•Negotiate any specials on your behalf.

•Provide a professional write-up, which can be used on other platforms.

•Setup Automations on your Airbnb platform

•Assist with locating support staff to assist with maintaining your unit (i.e., cleaners, handyman, delivery service, etc.) *

•Schedule delivery of daily essentials for guest (individual shower gel, lotion shampoo, conditioner, makeup towelettes)

•Provide a startup checklist with required essentials.

•One 30-minute mentoring session (must be scheduled within the first 30 days)

•Our team will shop & purchase all furniture, décor ring cameras, smart locks and have the unit guest ready. (This includes flying to the location of your unit.)

•Our Team will set up furniture, install tv’s and décor

•Provide guest book template

•Will go on as a Co-host on (Airbnb platform only) to give advice if needed  this is not co- hosting services. Just a third eye for advice.

•(3) 30-minute mentoring sessions within 1st 90 days